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Void Control
Expand access so everyone can play, always.
Created by Curious Origins

Two strangers meet while hiking. As they wait for their dinner to cook one offers a game of cards. They play, bond, and depart the next day.

Smartphone gamers can rarely enjoy the same spontaneity. To share a game, both players must have it preinstalled or rely on constant access to Internet. Although Internet access is common, it is not everywhere.

Void Control hopes to bring spontaneity in gaming back. Only one gamer needs to provide a game. A local network can then be created and others can join the game through a browser based client provided by the game itself.


Low Income:

Low income gamers are often introduced to the market through budget tablets which don't offer a cell radio. Even when low income users do purchase a phone, their budget can't always absorb a monthly data subscription which could easily triple the cost of the phone in the first year.


Most data providers don't have consistent service across national boundaries. Although it used to be worse, some users can still pay an extra $10 a day if they use their service. If these travelers can get a WIFI only day, that is money in their pocket.

Half of the backpacker hostels I have visited either restrict WIFI access to a common area, or have overcrowded routers. Being able to share your games locally might be the only way to share them.

Gamers on mass transit might hope to share entertainment, but Internet access is spotty. Of the many buses and trains which advertised a connection, most were down for repair. Airplanes with WIFI offer it for a fee, making it less appetizing to install a game from the cloud.

Phones with Limits:

Many smart phones have been increasing their capabilities every year and we need to applaud that. Unfortunately, some phones keep their extra features to a minimum. A phone without external storage is often filled up with music, pictures, and video. This leaves little room to store games which only have value when a friend is around to share it with. However if the friend carries a copy of the game for everyone, less space is required per phone.